Branco Prata Photography


Why choose Haint Blue Collective for your Brides?

Branco Prata Photography


Haint Blue Collective specializes and has broad experience in the design of invitation suites, event signage, calligraphy and photography.

As a wedding designer and coordinator, you have seemingly unlimited options for vendors offering similar services. What sets my company apart is found in the diverse nature of my capabilities, lessening your extra and unnecessary communication with multiple individuals. With your trust in my proficiency and design, you can target other items on your agenda knowing our vision is united. From paper to signage, each detail is carefully executed by a single artist, branding the event's aesthetics as a cohesive design.

Paper Packages normally begin around $1,000 and Photography Packages begin at $1,800 with multiple options for every bride's budget. I would love to work with you on upcoming weddings and events!