Meredith Ryncarz Photography Thorne and Thistle Florals

Meredith Ryncarz Photography
Thorne and Thistle Florals

Graphic Design

Haint Blue Collective was established to streamline the process of completely custom items and photography for weddings and events.

"Haint Blue" - rooted in the south, the company name is derived from the tradition of blue porch ceilings
"Collective" - representing the distinctive offering of design, calligraphy and photography as a branded unit

Originating in the south, families would paint their front porch ceilings blue to deter "haints" (visitors from the past) from their homes. The blue signified both heaven and water, places where these uninvited guests were unable to access. In modern times, it can be a nod to southern heritage and a more practical benefit is some southerners say it diverts dirt-dobbers! The tradition continues as both a playful practice and homage to my southern roots.


Photography by Jessica Medler

I have always had a desire to create; whether it is painting, drawing or design and I discovered that the thing that brought me the most joy and allowed me the most creativity was both paper design and photography.

My faith drives me to create, in whatever field it is, because of the privileged responsibility we carry as Christians to spread the love of Jesus. God created each of us uniquely, with different personalities and talents to worship God in our own personal way. In all that I do, my prayer is that is honors the Lord and increases influence for His Kingdom.

I wanted to convey my love for all things creative along with my southern roots to complete a company name. Settling on ‘Haint Blue Collective’ was a combination of my passion for branding design as well as my heritage, rooted in the south.
— Kate Gwin, Owner and Artist of Haint Blue Collective

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